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After the Federal Youth Choir was able to experience the wonderfully clear acoustics of the Sophienkirche during rehearsals for its inaugural concert in 2021 in the Philharmonie, it will be back this year.

  • Federal Youth Choir
  • Artistic direction Prof. Anne Kohler

Program "Bach im Spiegel"

  • Dieter Schnebel (1930-2018): Contrapunctus I
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 -1750): The spirit helps our weakness on BWV 226
  • Arnold Schönberg (1874 –1951): De profundis
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Don't be afraid, BWV 228
  • Roxanna Panufnik (*1968): Jesus, my Delighting | Commissioned by the German Music Council
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Sing to the Lord BWV 225
  • György Ligeti (1923 –2006): Lux Aeterna
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Come, Jesus come, BWV 229
  • Caroline Shaw (*1982): Allemande from "Partita"
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