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The annual highlight of the national competition Jugend presents is approaching: On Sunday, September 17th, the students with the best presentations from all over Germany will come together in Berlin.

In order to get one of the coveted first three places, you have to convince the jury in two rounds. First, on September 16th, the preliminary round will take place, in which it will be decided which of the 130 finalists will make it into the top 6.

On September 17th, these six talented students will then fight for the first three places on the big stage in the festival hall of the University of the Arts. In the course of the competition, these young people have already prevailed against around 8,500 other applicants.

Jugend presents promotes the ability to convey scientific content in an understandable and appealing way. For the national final, presentations are sought that explain a scientific question from the topic "With all senses" in an entertaining and inspiring way and inspire both the jury and the audience.

(Program in German)
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