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The kings of industrial metal are on the road again. In their 34-year history, Fear Factory have rocked concert stages around the world, and their sound has made them perennial stars of the metal scene.

With their wild mixture of trash and groove metal as well as pounding industrial elements, they helped create a new genre: industrial metal. Initially even more at home in death metal, the three founding members Burton C. Bell (vocals, keyboards), Dino Cazares (guitar, bass) and Raymond Herrera (drums) developed a new sound aesthetic with the production support of Frontline Assembly member Rhys Fulber, which rattled out of the speakers as brutal as it was futuristic, frightening as it was emotional.

Fear Factory are among the metal bands with one of the highest fluctuations in band members, but they always brought new impulses into the band. Especially between the two heads of the band, Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares, there were always disputes, some of which ended in court and even led to a temporary dissolution of the band in 2007. After Bell finally left the band in 2021, Fear Factory appear on their current album "Agggression Continuum" for the first time with new frontman Milo Silvestro, but at the same time with old strength.

The upcoming concerts are likely to be exciting. Because their last, eleventh studio album "Aggression Continuum", released in 2021, lives up to its title.

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