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Berlin cultural summer festival

The fantastic cultural summer in the Mark Twain library offers a wide range of entertainment for young and old.

children's program
1 p.m. – 2 p.m., courtyard (in case of rain: atrium library)

Musical play along theater for children 8 – 12 years

The Theater Feuervogel takes children aged 8-12 into a world of fantasy.

With simple props and musical instruments, everyone will embark on a musical journey. Elves from the Marzahn forest and the fairies from the lakes of the north meet here. They meet on the fairground, talk about their homeland and make music together.
Colours, sounds and rhythms in performances and stories inspire children and parents.

Limited number of participants, registration with name and age requested: (030) 54 704 142

Program for adults
4 p.m. – 6 p.m., roof (in case of rain: atrium library)

The artists, at home on international stages; flood the north of Berlin with their performance.Theater Feuervogel has a unique theatrical language that touches and seduces at the same time. Poetic, graceful, funny and whimsical - full of surprises and an innovative spirit.

The hearts of the audience tremble with the sound of the drums, while all senses are seduced by the soft music of the cello with Sonny Thet. Rhythms from different cultures complement stories of fantasy. Together, the artists and friends develop a firework of the senses.

You can become a part of it.

Karen Balzer, Hermann Schug and Fabrice Duval founded Theater Feuervogel in 1993 and presented a performance at FreizeitForum Marzahn, where they delighted many.

After 30 years they come back. Fire, rhythm, dance and the unmistakable masque have made Feuervogel one of the most popular groups in Europe. They were part of "Excalibur" in the Max-Schmeling-Halle Berlin.

During the catastrophe in the Ahr valley, the costume fund and the theater equipment were almost completely destroyed. The Mark Twain Library is pleased to support these artists in their fresh start.

Sonny Thet and his cello merge Asian and European music traditions, which find their expression in wonderful new creations of absolute uniqueness.

Limited number of participants, registration requested:
(030) 54 704 142