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exclusive and live in Berlin

Xavier Dphrepaulezz a.k.a. Fantastic Negrito started playing music when he learned that Prince had also taught himself to play. And eventually success came: Fantastic Negrito was the winner of the very first NPR Tiny Desk Contest and won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album with "The Last Days of Oakland". He repeated this feat twice with the two follow-up records "Please Don't Be Dead" and "Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?".


On his new album "White Jesus Black Problems" Xavier Dphrepaulezz a.k.a. Fantastic Negrito tells the story of his ancestors and America. The new songs are hymns to family and humanity. In the 1750s in Virginia, a Scottish white worker and a black slave had an illicit romance, becoming his ancestors seven generations ago. Fantastic Negrito builds his music on this, tackling racism, capitalism and freedom without ever losing sight of the heart of the story. Musically, this goes far beyond his previous work and combines many different genres and styles. Dphrepaulezz himself says he makes "black roots music for everyone."

"White Jesus Black Problems" is a concept album that Fantastic Negrito will present in February at an exclusive show in Berlin. The film about the album, which he also shot, can also be seen that exclusive evening.

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