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"Fan de Ellas" is a dedication to three Latinx heroines: Gilda (Argentine cumbia singer), Yulimar Rojas (Venezuelan athlete) and Luz Marina Giraldo (Colombian single mother). The work is a celebration in which we intertwine their voices with ours. Actual facts and archival material are interwoven with our subjectivity, bringing movement, memory, words and soundscapes into dialogue. An invitation to question our fascinations and desires, to reflect on resistance, exhaustion, and struggle, and to celebrate the power of women.

In 2019, we premiered at the Sophiensaele. During the creation process, we realized that there were many references to diverse women and collectives that motivated and inspired us, and that we loved having around. So we prepared a fanzine and invited them to be part of this dedication. For Ufer Studios we will publish a second number of our fanzine.

We are also collaborating with Lea Marie Uria (journalist, dancer and author) to make Fan de Ellas accessible to blind and visually impaired people. Lea will provide a tactile tour of our stage before opening the door, and she will describe the piece in German through wireless headphones. This is another way to experience the play. We have also partnered with Dafne Narvaez Berlfein (video artist) who will edit Fan de Ellas live and stream it to our friends and families in Colombia, Argentina, Spain and around the world.

  • CONCEPT Juliana Piquero
  • CHOREOGRAPHY Juliana Piquero, Alex Viteri
  • PERFORMANCE Catalina Fernández, Juliana Piquero, Alex Viteri
  • LIGHTING, SOUND DESIGN Catalina Fernández
  • DRAMATURGY Ana Laura Lozza
  • COSTUME, STAGE DESIGN Michaela Muchina
  • EXTERIOR DESIGN Roni Katz and Maya Weinberg
  • STREAMING: Dafne Narvaez Berlfein
  • CAMERA Anka Mirkin and Santiago Doljanin
  • SUBTITLE Melissa Ferrari
  • PRESS Stefanie Hintzsche
A production by Fernández/Piquero/Viteri, supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the TAKE HEART Wiederaufnahmeförderung program.

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When performing, it is important to us that the people attending the show feel comfortable. Therefore, in addition to the already existing offer of the Uferstudio (, we make individual offers to welcome each person with their needs. The performance will be in Spanish and English, with German audio description and English subtitles. Early boarding and tactile guidance available upon request, half an hour before the performance. A direct contact person will be on site. For feedback or inquiries, please contact: Stefanie Hintzsche -