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What does a bird see as it flies over the land? How do people view the landscapes in which they live? On Family Sunday, those interested go through the exhibition together and get to know individual works of art by Jenna Bliss and Carol Rhodes.

The view from above concerns the two artists who can currently be seen in the Haus am Waldsee. In the exhibition and in the garden everyone experiments with different viewing positions. The families then engage in artistic activities. Paint and collage together to create a large landscape painting. What colors and surfaces are used for this?

The offer is aimed at families with people of all ages (from 4 years).

Implementation: Luise Bichler, art educator

Bird's eye and human view - landscape from above

3-5 p.m

  • In German language
  • Free entry up to 18 years. Entry included in the exhibition ticket
  • Max. 16 people
  • From 4 years, accompanied by parents
  • Registration required
Additional information
Price info: Free entry until the age of 18. Entry included in the exhibition ticket

Price: €8.00

Reduced price: €5.00

Booking: Please register here