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"Facing Nature" explores the role of nature in contemporary dance and performance art. The first part in October 2022 brought together 12 artists to talk and exchange views. The second part will present the resulting publication.

Uferstudios © Guido Borgers

In addition, three outstanding films will be shown that demonstrate the points of contact between the body and the natural world.

(Program in English)
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Direction & conception: Sandra Man & Felicitas Zeeden

Sandra Man is an artist working with the media performance, text, and images, which she combines to create live art installations. Her work, focusing on the relationship between the body, language, and nature and our current ecological and technological circumstances, has been shown in theatres and art venues including Tanzfabrik Berlin, Sophiensaele, WUK performing arts Wien, Kunstraum Lakeside, HAUNT Berlin.

Felicitas Zeeden is a dramaturge and theatre scholar. She completed her PhD in theatre studies as a scholarship holder at the international research training group InterArt (FU Berlin) with the thesis "Aesthetics of the Social"; her research focuses on immersive performance aesthetics, theatre as social practice as well as dance and performance art. As a dramaturgy assistant, she has worked in the independent scene as well as in major theatre productions. Felicitas Zeeden currently works as a dramaturge at Tanzfabrik Berlin, where she also initiates projects on focus topics such as eco-feminism, aesthetics & sustainability and issues of slowing down. Felicitas is also working as a writer.



Saturday 11.02.23


18:00: Filmscreening: Lag Diaz Historya Ni Ha (Philippines, 2021)


Sunday 12.02.23


16:00 Filmscreening: Andrey Tarkovsky Stalker ( UDSSR 1979)

19:00 Dinner and Release of the Facing Nature - Publication

20:30 Filmscreening: Patricio Guzmán El abrazo de la serpiente (Colombia, 2015)

"Facing Nature" is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, multi-sector funding for festivals and series, 2 years.
Uferstudios: Uferstudio 4
Uferstudios: Uferstudio 4