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Photographs by Leonore Schwarzer - Online Exhibition

On display are photographs from the complete works of a hitherto little known East Berlin photographer, Leonore Schwarzer. She captured moments without staging her motifs. In this way, she created authentic images of everyday life.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Facetten einer Künstlerin – Alltag in der DDR
© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Foto: Leonore Schwarzer

Her photographs served less for a specific documentation of the GDR. They show what was important to Schwarzer. She photographed street scenes, work in companies and cultural centers, landscapes, but also the Berlin Wall after 1989 and people again and again. At the same time, she stood in front of the camera as a model for her husband, Kurt Schwarzer.

In 2018, Leonore Schwarzer handed over about 2800 motifs to the Stadtmuseum Berlin. They were created from the sixties to the nineties during her work as a freelance photographer and as the leader of various photo circles. A personal, natural, somewhat different insight into the everyday life of people, which also reflects Schwarzer's multifaceted life.

A cooperation of Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin with the HTW Berlin, course B. A. Museum Science.

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