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with Elvin Brandhi, Abdullah Miniawy, Iceboy Violet & Sander Houtkruijer

On her fourth album Eyeroll, Ziúr lays herself completely bare, conducting an open-ended statement that prioritizes togetherness, humanity and the renewal of hope when all seems lost. And by assembling such a wide and symphonic ensemble of collaborators, she’s able to speak directly to the creative fringe in no uncertain terms.

Now’s the time to throw away what you think you know, and build bridges you didn’t think you’d need. Now’s the time for action. Ziúr has shared stages with each of her collaborators separately at Atonal Berlin, Rewire Festival The Hague, Borealis Festival Bergen, Paris and Manchester before, but Eyeroll at Volksbühne will be the first time that these individual efforts have been combined into one cohesive show.

Each artist offers their own distinct voice and creative viewpoint that together helps herald a bewildering sonic epoch. The ensemble shows that if handled with care, complex connections and seemingly unlikely pairings can evolve into strong, unique and beautiful relationships.

The musical component will be paired with a Live Video performance by Sander Houtkruijer. Additional opening set by Iceboy Violet.

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