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The Megamarsch is Europe's largest long-distance hiking series with 19 events in Germany, one in Austria and one on Mallorca. The goal of the participants is to walk 100 km in 24 hours or 50 km in 12 hours.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Extrem-Wanderveranstaltung Megamarsch
© Getty Images, Foto: Classen Rafael / EyeEm

For the whole year, a forecast of 34,000 participants is expected. The largest events are Munich and Hamburg with 2500 - 3000 participants per event. In addition to the 100/24 and 50/12 formats, the "Megamarsch by Night" format will be held. Here, the participants will walk 50 km only through the night. The kick-off will be on Mallorca on 25.02.2023.

Facts about the Megamarsch
  • Challenge for body and mind
  • 85% of the participants reach the finish line on average during the 50 km walk.
  • 35% of participants finish the 100 on average
  • At the finish line you will receive a certificate, a medal and a non-alcoholic finisher beer.
  • From 20 km onwards you will receive a certificate at the finish (at the 50 km).
  • From 40 KM you will receive a certificate at the finish (100 KM)
  • Refreshment stations every 10 or 20 km (depending on format) ‣ (seasonal fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, drinks, etc.)
  • Participation from 18 years

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