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"In the eternal dance of existence, we are like drops in the vast ocean of the universe. Our lives are intertwined with the currents of time, leading us to unknown destinations as we navigate the waters of our emotions and experiences.

What brought us here? What dragged us here? What unites us?

Our waters, our movements... emotions. Are not our emotions, waves of our own story? Creation and destruction intertwined. Where death ceases to be the end, but the beginning of new versions of ourselves. The current of letting oneself go and delving into the depths of our darkness.

The ocean where the unknown and the hidden dwell, memories that submerge broken hearts and wounded bodies, clinging to desire as a mechanism of survival. The naturalness of a disturbed mind that depends on external eyes to see its light and darkness, without finding its calm, without giving itself the time or space to observe what it carries.

Is not love also that wave that embraces you? the salt that lightens your body and rocks you in its calm. The intensity of its waves as a life engine, swinging between the absurd and the sane, the feminine and masculine, daring and fearful... the chaos.

Speaking from the soul, that soul, thirsty for the sea, which lives with the nostalgia of its absence, which prevents it from expressing what hides this sea of smiles. When words are not enough, when happiness is not the answer, I stir the memory of my waters to emerge with more strength, eroded, worn out, but ready to come and go again and again."
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"Evolving Waves" is born as a response to our willingness to embrace our unique history, the experiences that reside within us, and travel with us. Emerging from a migrant perspective, hailing from a coastal nation, a profound connection is forged with the birth of a wave.

This travel is etched in the tapestry of five distinct phases: "Oscillation," "Traveling Wave," "Standing Wave," "Gravity Wave," and "Returning Wave," symbolizing how we navigate the undulating landscape of our emotional processes. 

Through the harmonious interplay of original melodies in live folk, rock, and bossa nova music, we extend an invitation to immerse oneself in this wave. It carries the promise of self-discovery and the profound exploration of one's inner self, in all its depth and vastness.

The genesis of this opus is accompanied by the recitation of a poem that poses the fundamental question, "What is the sea?" Here, the energies of both the feminine and the masculine converge as the driving forces propelling this odyssey, initially in perfect equilibrium. As the journey unfolds, these energies continually shift in and out of balance or connection, generating the necessary turbulence and chaos to confront and empower ourselves. Through this process, we gain essential wisdom that leads us back to our initial point, but this time with newfound acceptance and readiness for fresh beginnings, marked by heightened awareness, wakefulness, and presence.

The performance unfolds over an approximate duration of 40 minutes, like a poetic dance of time and emotions.

Ana Navarro: Singer

Chilean contralto, graduated from the University of Chile as a Lyric Interpreter. Additionally, she has 22 years of experience as a vocal instructor for choirs and singing teacher. She recently completed her studies in Baroque Singing at the Universität der Künste. She has experience in a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from early music and opera to contemporary music. She also covers popular music styles such as jazz, bossa nova, tango, pop, and Latin American music.

Angelo Olivares/Noe: Performer

Actor and playwright producer from Valparaíso, Chile. Currently residing in Berlin, where he participates in various theatrical projects that lead him to develop an artistic cooperative called "Teatro B".

Felipe Caroca/Felipe de Rokha: Musician

Felipe, originally from Coltauco, Chile, embarked on a journey to pursue his musical development. He moved to the city of Valparaíso, where he participated in various bands, aiming to find his own roots and style. Later on, he decided to establish his musical career in Berlin, where he currently works on his personal and group projects, infused with folk and stoner rock influences.

Jorge Ruiz: Musician

Macarena Ruiz: Director, choreographer, and dancer

Dancer and dance teacher from Chile. She completed her professional dance studies in Santiago, Chile. Where she was part of the dance company of her institute , participating in differens festival across the country and Argentina. Later, she moved to Valparaíso, where she worked as a choreographer and director of a children's and youth group for 6 years “Ballet Playa Ancha”, durantly this periode she was working in differents studios and schools of the region. At the same time, she participated in various contemporary dance, graham and lyrical jazz collectives.

Over the years, she has expanded her dance studies through various workshops in Argentina, Germany, and Greece. She has been living in Berlin since 2019, introducing Latin American dance to children and adults in various dance studios across the city.

Hana Khalil

Originally from Cairo, Egypt and based in Berlin, Germany, Hanna is a filmmaker who always found herself drawn to visual aspects of storytelling. Ever since a young age, she felt the urge to document moments that she wished could have lasted. Later on, and as she took photography for a serious hobby, she understood that capturing and sharing was a need from within to self-express. Short captured moments soon turned into fully developed stories. Throughout the past few years she has had the opportunity to explore various creative departments of filmmaking by working on independent films and collaborative projects. Experimenting with documentary pieces as well as fiction films, she developed a visual language mixing both styles by weaving the thrill and naturalistic look of documentary filmmaking into a fictionally imagined world.
Participating artists
Angelo Olivares
Ana Navarro
Jorge Ruiz
Felipe de Rokha
Macarena Ruiz
Hana Khalil