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performance with dance, music and cabaret

"Hello, how are you?" "Everything alright", "Ciao! Come stai?" "Tutto a posto" In several languages, the question of how you are doing is answered with a simple "everything is fine". What does order mean?

The UM duo reflects on the fact that in historical times like today, and especially in a big city, it is paradoxical to speak of order. And it is often difficult to put this chaos into words or to pack it into small conversations. Besides, how many important words suppress the small conversations? People are more likely to use gestures, facial expressions, tics, and so on to express with the body that people are repressing a chaos that is imploding in silence or "in a glance at the phone".

Dance, music and cabaret mix in a cultural journey around stereotypes and reflections on the meaning of order and chaos.
Participating artists
Francisco Catalàn
Carmen Volpe