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Blues-Jazz-Latin - The Europe Blues Train starts its journey into the year 2024 with this double concert at Art Stalker.

The evening will open with a solo set by Czech fingerpicking virtuoso Sammy Vomacka. His incredible versatility is unique, and he masters every style of playing perfectly. His many years of experience and musical personality, combined with his excellent entertainment, characterize his concerts and make them unforgettable. Sammy plays acoustic blues including slide guitar, piano ragtimes arranged for guitar, well-known swing pieces with vocals, fascinating instrumentals and jazz standards.

The international formation MAUER BLUES FIVE, a jazz quintet around the exceptional Czech saxophonist "Sensational Saxophone Joe Kucera and the refined jazz guitarist Carlos Mieres from Uruguay, plays compositions from Mieres' album of the same name "Mauer Blues" as well as music from Kucera's album "Take a Heart". Together with pianist Vladimír Strnad, bassist Jan Greifoner and drummer Andrea Marcelli, this top-class line-up grooves stylistically between jazz and world music, hard bob and Latin, soulful ballads and excursions into modal jazz, full of inspiration and a gift for improvisation.

  • Joe Kucera (CZ) - sax, flute
  • Carlos Mieres (URY) - acoustic guitar
  • Vladimir Strnad (CZ) - piano
  • Jan Greifoner (CZ) - bass
  • Andrea Marcelli (ITA) – drum

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