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Choreography by Maya M. Carro

The choreographic-theatrical creation "Eternal Returns" shows human interactions in their power, vulnerability and fantasy. She explores the contrasts, contradictions and common denominators of the intimate and collective human experience.

With drama and irony, the performers explore the layers beneath distant alienation like archaeologists. They dig beneath crusts to reveal endless connectedness.

In the premises of the small water reservoir in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg, the audience is offered a performative journey through a poetic labyrinth of several images of thoughts, hearts and kinship.

  • Choreography : Maya M Carroll
  • With and by: Sarantoula Sarantaki, Maria Sanchez Alonso, Chiara Marolla, David Kummer,
  • Pedro Prazeres, Maya M. Carroll
  • Music: Roy Carroll
  • Light: Leo Shrem
  • Produced by Yannis Karalis
12 / 16 € Tickets reservation:

Additional information
The performance room does not have a toilet. Also, please bring warm clothes as the temperature in the room is low.