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Caffeine for the ears - with Konstanze Pietschmann

Caffeine for the ears with Konstanze Pietschmann. Cellist Konstanze Pietschmann inspires with her virtuoso playing, for which she has already been awarded several international titles. In addition to her solo performances, Konstanze Pietschmann is an enthusiastic chamber musician and artistic director of the "Camerata Espansiva!" Since March 2022 she has been playing the Charles Gaillard Cello (Paris, 1867) from the German Musical Instrument Fund.

At the espresso concerts in the early afternoon, two types of caffeine are served: in cups and, of course, musically: excellent young musicians present surprise programs that really wake you up.

without intermission

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Konstanze Pietschmann (Violoncello)
Yona Sophia Jutzi (Klavier)