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Film screening & discussion about Jewish remembrance and state NS commemoration in the late GDR.

„Erinnern heißt Leben“ ("Remembering means living"), a film by Róza Berger-Fiedler (GDR, 1988, 57 min.), will be shown at the Museum Lichtenberg on 9 November.
It contrasts state remembrance with individual Jewish remembrance. What did remembering the Holocaust mean in the late GDR? What did it mean to make films with Jewish themes?

After the screening, we want to talk about these and other questions in a discussion with the filmmaker present and Dr. Ulrike Schneider (DFG project "Jewish Film Heritage", University of Potsdam).

The event is organised by the Jewish Cultural Club East Berlin and André Wartmann, the anti-Semitism commissioner of the district of Lichtenberg.

The event takes place as part of the Education and Action Weeks against Anti-Semitism. Sponsored by the Lichtenberg District Office, the Berlin Senate Department for Labour, Social Affairs, Equality, Integration, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination and the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.

Language: German
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