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The exhibition Destroyed Men Come and Go by Enrico David (*1966, IT) at KW Institute for Contemporary Art is the artist's first institutional solo exhibition in Germany and focuses on his sculptural practice.

Enrico David: Destroyed Men Come and Go

Enrico David works primarily with sculpture, painting, textiles, and installation, but also explores the formal in drawings. His works explore the space between figuration and abstraction, always taking the body as a point of departure and exploring the human figure as a metaphor for transformation.

His sculptures testify to an effort to bring self and image closer together, undertaking a critical interrogation of bodily autonomy with a view to the various stages of non-being and becoming ("of becoming").

In the main hall and first floor, David's sculptures are presented in a spatial arrangement without walls in analogy to this notion of non-being. Thus, a silent non-space is staged - a time without presence, a space of waiting and tension.

David's anthropomorphic sculptures seem as if they have fallen out of being, as if they were in a constant mode of performative transformation. In punctual confrontations they meet the viewer, caught in a struggle for the appearance of the absolute.

  • Curator: Krist Gruijthuijsen
  • Assistant curator: Sofie Krogh Christensen
The exhibition Enrico David - Destroyed Men Come and Go is supported by the Henry Moore Foundation, KW Freunde, and Galerie Michael Werner.
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