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Free guided city walk (in German)

Since the Royal Technical University in Charlottenburg opened in 1884, the grounds north of Steinplatz have been a large laboratory for inventors and researchers. In addition to institute buildings from different eras, surprising witnesses to Berlin's urban history such as a pillar of the old Berlin Cathedral and arcades of the Borsig engineering factory can be discovered on the campus. Where the electron microscope was invented around 1930, the focus today is on future technologies and sustainable urban development. In recent years, work has begun on redesigning the campus area around Hertzallee: it is also to become more attractive for visitors who do not study or work here. We take a look around!

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  • Free attendance, donation requested
  • Registration with contact details required (max. 25 persons per group)
Additional information
Politics, science, fine arts, literature, music and theatre have shaped the Steinplatz and its surroundings for around 150 years. It is the centre of a lively cultural, educational and commemorative landscape, which has been presented and made legible on city walks since 2020. In 2023, there will be once more guided tours on musical life, literature and science, supplemented by new walks on architecture and women's life around Steinplatz.
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