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Works of the organ with surrounding effect and organist Thomas Noll in action, to be experienced on the gallery. The organ in the Apostel-Paulus-Kirche is a remarkable instrument in several respects: unattainable and unappreciated.

From the perspective from below, sound, visual perception and spatial impression on the gallery are revealed in a different way from spatial proximity. A landscape is offered there: the area of the huge gallery, domes and the room, which support the sound in an authentic way.

Several organ works with the surrounding effect and the organist in action – this experience is the focus of the concert series presenting organ music in September and October. This is how an introduction to the music played, an introduction to the instrument and an idea of how organ music can open up material and spiritual worlds are combined.

Duration approx. 45 minutes

On the gallery of the Apostle Paul Church (not barrier-free) | barrier-free access in the church | with Thomas Noll on the instrument, introduction via loudspeaker

Thursdays and Sundays from September 17th to the end of October at 6pm

Admission: donation requested at the exit