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It is Melissa's peculiarity to always pour out a huge bucket of love on those men who don't want to return it. First over Luttger, the actor, then over Tobias, the elephant trainer. All this does not mix well with her late desire to have a baby.

PORTRAITS VON Agnes Domke & Spacekonsta
PORTRAITS VON Agnes Domke & Spacekonsta © promo

How feminist is a sperm theft?, the reader of Agnes Domke's new novel "Elefantenliebe" (Autumnus-Verlag, 2022) may ask. To make matters worse, Melissa's refuge and main residence, the allotment garden in Heinersdorf, is in danger.

Agnes Domke will read from "Elefantenliebe" during the evening and will be musically accompanied by the saxophonist Spacekonsta. In her novel, not only love and friendship triumph, but also self-empowerment: a so-called wallflower has become an emancipated woman. In the end, Melissa manages not only to save her allotment, but also to put circus patriarch Joppe in his place.

Agnes Domke was born in Angermünde in 1973, the daughter of a pastor and a teacher. She studied Protestant theology and fine arts in Dresden, Paris and Helsinki. She spent 20 years painting, creating installations and performances, and working in theater on the side. Then she started writing. "Elephant Love" is her third book publication now. Agnes Domke lives with her two children as an author in Berlin.

Spacekonsta was born in Vienna in 1971, the son of a translator and a diplomat. He learned clarinet and saxophone at the conservatory in Vienna. It soon became clear that jazz could not give him what he was looking for. Since then he has been touring as a freelance musician solo and in bands, composing dub and electronica, producing his own songs and working as a music educator. He lives in Berlin with his two sons.

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