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zur Ausstellung „Elektrisierend! Galvanoplastische Nachbildungen von Goldschmiedekunst“

Today, 3D printing is revolutionizing many things, as did the invention of electroforming, the reproduction of three-dimensional objects electrochemically, more than 150 years ago. The new technical achievement quickly caught on in the art sector. On the tour, discover the differences between the original and the replica, as well as the technical and cultural-historical aspects of electroforming.

Participation fee including entry: 12 €
Participation fee with a valid admission ticket (annual ticket, association, ICOM, etc.), entitlement to a discount or free admission: €8
Limited number of participants. Online booking required.

Please note the current information for visitors during the corona pandemic that is valid on the day of the event.
Additional information
Meeting point: Kasse Schloss Köpenick

Price: €12.00

Booking: booking/prior registration essential