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Everybody speaks about the “Energiewende”, but what is it actually? A transition is supposed to be a positive change or development, but is everything really changing for the better?

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: ELEFANT IM RAUM - Energiewende
© FOTOGALERIE Friedrichshain

In their work, the participants of the course at Photocentrum, taught by the photojournalist Ann-Christine Jansson, dealt with the question of what each and everyone can do to improve the current environmental situation. The result is a various works ranging from Urban Gardening, the installation of solar panels on balconies, switching from oil-using heaters to heaters that use pellets, to the usage of clay for building homes, the upcycling of clothing or the work of activists, dedicated to the fight to save our planet. The pictures provide inspiration for our own actions, but also raise the question of “Is this enough? Or are we just comforting ourselves by installing a solar panel?”
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