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Eisbären Berlin - HC Sparta Praha

"The world is flat" - at least for the polar bears and their fans. The atmosphere in the Mercedes-Benz Arena is rousing when up to 17,000 fans are cheering on their polar bears. The best conditions to play for the championship again this season. The Eisbären Berlin are the most successful German ice hockey team of the past decade.

Eisbaeren Berlin - HC Sparta Praha

Eisbären squad for the 2023/24 season:

Jonas Stettmer, Jake Hildebrand, and Nikita Quapp

Rayan Bettahar, Morgan Ellis, Kai Wissmann, Marco Nowak, Eric Mik, Ben Finkelstein, Jonas Mueller, Korbinian Geibel, Julian Melchiori, Norwin Panocha

Ty Ronning, Lean Bergmann, Manuel Wiederer, Tobias Eder, Blaine Byron, Patrice Cormier, Yannick Veilleux, Eric Hördler, Michael Bartuli, Maximilian Heim, Zach Boychuk, Marcel Noebels, Leo Pföderl, Frederik Tiffels

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Eisbären Berlin