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Lockdown Hurricane 2023

The 14th album of the Eels is a witchcraft in the truest sense of the word. After all, it bears the name "Extreme Witchcraft" and landed as a bulky-beautiful, classic indie album in the Top 10 of the German album charts. And rightly so, because musically what Mark Oliver Everett has stirred in his songwriting cauldron is once again a great pleasure.

Eels Gus Black

As with the loud, quite related 2001 album "Souljacker", Mr. E recorded this album with guitarist and PJ Harvey house producer John Parish. Everett said in a recent interview that Parish is the nicest person in the world, but "when he gets in the studio, he becomes a mad professor. Probably this friendliness is his tactic to keep the Mr. Hyde under control." 

Control, however, is not something fans should necessarily expect on the Eels' 2023 tour: Anyone who has seen E and his live band on stage several times in the last 15 years knows that anything can happen here: Sometimes a ballad suddenly turns into a punk hit, sometimes everyone on stage wears glued-on full beards and tracksuits, sometimes Everett talks about his life and sometimes he says nothing at all and concentrates fully on his music.

You can look forward to these concerts above all because it is also the first opportunity to hear the songs from the previous album "Earth To Dora", which is still fully marked by the pandemic despair. Just think of hearing the song "Are We Alright Again" live. A song Everett wrote in the midst of the pandemic. It says, "Are we alright again? / Are we around the bend? / Am I lucky or brave? / Are you stronger today? / Are we alright again? / Yeah, I think we're alright." A conclusion that we would like to nod off in front of the stage. In order to then throw ourselves together into new hits like "Amateur Hour", "The Magic" or "Good Night On Earth".

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