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The See You Tonight Tour

Echosmith, with their three siblings Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota, have been touching the hearts of their fans for many years with their vulnerable and stirring alternative pop anthems. Their third album therefore bears the self-confident title "Echosmith".

Echosmith - The See You Tonight Tour

The trio presents their emotions and experiences in a fascinating variety of sounds from cinematic landscapes, catchy pop hooks and crystalline synthesizers. After numerous successes and sold-out concerts, they are now even more focused and radiate a purposeful joy. With the album "Echosmith" they also took full creative control for the first time. More than ten years after their initial release, it was significant for the band to self-release the record, giving them intense and free access to their art.

The new perspective led to a sonic reorientation and a return to their roots, shedding the pop polish and showing their true indie spirit. The new album reveals the true essence of Echosmith as a young adult and as a family, exploring her relationships, doubts, fears, spiritual journey and evolving life perspectives during a period of personal growth.

It's a compelling testament to their growth and self-discovery that comes with raw sincerity. In November, their fans have the opportunity to experience this live on their tour in Berlin.

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