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An echo or: In conversation with the images - accompanying program to the exhibition by Jakob Mattner “Deep Time – The Distant Sound”.


01/19/24, 7 p.m.: If the eyes weren't sunny...
Bernd Scherer, philosopher and author, reflects on the relationship between light, consciousness and perception in his examination of Jakob Mattner's exhibition

Using Goethe's quote “If the eye were not sunny,” philosopher and author Bernd Scherer develops Mattner's search for traces of the forms of the Life and its threat of death against the background of an existential crisis in our civilization.

02.02.24, 7 p.m.: Deep Time – a journey through time to the ferns
Hanns Zischler reads from “The Fine New York Fern Society” by the British neurologist Oliver Sacks

Exhibition by Jakob Mattner “Deep Time – The Distant Sound”

Jakob Mattner's exhibition offers a resonance space for discussion and makes the dialogue with the images a special experience: since the opening, a series of events have brought together voices from philosophy, science, literature and poetry, supported by outstanding actors, authors and Moderators.