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The coolest rock band on the planet is back! Eagles of Death Metal celebrate rock'n'roll, with a new album in their luggage. With their classic, danceable songs and terrific shows, they are one of the best live acts around.


It all started with an idea of former school friends Joshua Homme (frontman of Queens of the Stone Age) and Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes. In 1998, the two formed the Eagles of Death Metal in their hometown of Palm Desert in the Californian desert - because they liked the name and wondered what a band would sound like that crossed the classic rockers Eagles with the genre of death metal. The great music behind it, a mixture of boogie, rock and blues, came later and allowed the band to mature into one of the best rock bands on the planet.

The hardest break in the musicians' lives so far was November 13, 2015, the concert at the Bataclan club in Paris. The band took only a few weeks to come to terms with the experience - then they immediately returned to the stage, always accompanied by a combative "Now more than ever" feeling that has since given each of their concerts something absolutely existential.

Certainly also in order to regain the ease in making music, the fifth album "EODM Presents Boots Electric Performing the Best Songs We Never Wrote", released in 2019, turned into a pure covers album, with groove-soaked versions of songs by rock legends like KISS, Guns N' Roses and The Ramones, but also pop numbers by Mary J. Blige, Cat Stevens or Wham!

And the last release so far again consisted of third-party material - an EP with six Christmas classics, which was released at the end of 2022.

Now the time has come for the Eagles of Death Metal's next regular album, which, according to Hughes, is currently being worked on; when exactly it will be released, however, is still open. The band will certainly present one or the other new song during their tour.

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