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In nine years of Eagle Slam, stage talents were born and buried and the legendary unpopular and entertaining improvisation round has driven many a performer crazy.

And the two moderators Ortwin & Samson sat next to them, laughed, drank and had a lot of fun. After over 100 issues with well over 500 appearances, it's now time to turn the tables!

The ROAST is a format in which one or more guests of honor, in this case Ortwin & Samson, are insulted and mocked in every way by those performing. In this context you almost want to use the word “screwed up”. They invited their favorite poets from the last few years!

The Roast of Ortwin & Samson - only on Friday, January 12th, 2024 at Kallasch&.

(Attention: this time, for obvious reasons, NOT a regular poetry slam.)

There is no presale - tickets are only available at the box office (from 6:45 p.m.). Limited capacity!