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A performative audio piece

A thesis, an autofiction, an examination of suicide.

KEY VISUAL Durch Bruch Der Halt
KEY VISUAL Durch Bruch Der Halt Yolanda Rüchel

It critically questions the handling of suicide relatives in the close environment and in the social context, in a very personal way.

A communal search for a place of removal of taboos.

A process and an attempt at transparency.

The performative audio piece gets to the bottom of the questions of guilt, normality, anger, mourning and tabooing narratively, metaphorically and very directly. Viewers can feel addressed and thus become part of the 'negotiation'.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Experimentelles Radio der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Participating artists
Yve Yvette (Autor/in)
Yolanda Rüchel
Olivia Meyer Montero
Corinna Storbeck
Esra Saatci
Eunike Kramer
Klara Goiny
Vivian Schlosser
Marie Theres Greulich
Bea Beng
Theater im Kino
Theater im Kino