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With Gabriele Riedle, Thomas Dworzak, Lothar Müller

Gabriele Riedle presents her book "In Dschungeln. In deserts. In War. A kind of adventure novel" and talks with war photographer Thomas Dworzak.

GRAFIK LESUNG BÜCHER © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

Moderation: Lothar Müller

Can reporters really simply document what they see and experience? Or are they, as writers or photographers, not always involuntarily subject to narrative or pictorial traditions from the realm of fiction and art? Have reportages not always contained elements of the adventure novel, while war photography, for example, is linked to battle painting on the one hand and to images from action films on the other?

The writer Gabriele Riedle and the photographer Thomas Dworzak deal with these areas of tension in different ways.

Riedle's new novel "In Jungles. In Deserts. Im Krieg." tells on the one hand of the experiences of a reporter and a war photographer (a character modeled on Magnum photographer Tim Hetherington, who was killed in Libya) working in Afghanistan and in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Caucasus and Libya and Liberia.  At the same time, she reflects on the constraints and traditions of this work, and elements from literary history as well as from the contemporary entertainment industry continue to flow into the narrative stream.

Riedle's novel was published by the Other Library this spring. She has been a reporter herself for many years.

Thomas Dworzak, one of the world's most famous war photographers and until recently president of the legendary Magnum photo agency, repeatedly contrasts his images from Iraq, Afghanistan or the Caucasus, for example, with material from television series or the feature film genre. In his book of photographs "Mash Iraq," for example, he shows film stills from the U.S. series "Mash" about the Vietnam War together with his own photographs from Iraq. In his new book "Khidi - The Bridge," in turn, his photos from Afghanistan, Iraq and the Caucasus appear as stills for a fictional screenplay for a fictional feature film.

These works are on view in an exhibition in the foyer of the theater.

(Program in German)
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