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Family musical with the REINHARD LAKOMY-Ensemble

It's the Dream Magic Tree's birthday and his forest spirits want to give him a colourful anniversary party. To make sure the sun shines brightly, they secretly tear off his rain dream leaves. The cloud spirit Zausel is deeply offended by this and collects all his clouds. But if it stops raining, the dream magic tree is in danger of withering away!

Will Moosmutzel and Waldwuffel, together with the children in the audience, succeed in reconciling the enraged cloud spirit and preventing this catastrophe in time to let a wonderfully exciting birthday party with children's happiness rockets rise in the end?

Director/Artist: REINHARD LAKOMY-Ensemble

Length: 80 minutes
Recommended from 3 years

Date: Sunday, 30.07.2023
Time: 15:00

Location: Open-air stage Weißensee
Große Seestraße 10, 13086 Berlin

Tickets: 17,50 € - 23,00 €

(Program in German)

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