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"Dead, half dead, starving dead, bomb dead, ocean dead, desperate dead, lost, gone, missing. Unattractive sight, all these thick white soft water corpses nowadays. They sink. No salute. No death knell. No eulogy. They're sinking. They are sinking." (Wolfgang Borchert)

What responsibility do we take for the consequences of the wars "outside our door" in which we are involved? What do we want to know about the effects of the violence "outside the door" from which we benefit? Who is willing to face the truth of a slaughterhouse before tasting their sausage sandwich? Beckmann, the traumatized war returnee for whom a return home is not possible, however, remains "outside the door," at night in the rain, on the street.

Haunted by his tormenting memories, he doesn't want to be murdered another day, and he doesn't want to be a murderer another day. He screams his collective guilt in society's face and demands an answer.Michael Thalheimer will stage the "play that no theater wants to play and no audience wants to see," as Borchert titled it, with Kathrin Wehlisch as Beckmann.

(Program in German)

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Additional information
We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German.
Participating artists
von Wolfgang Borchert (Autor/in)
Jonathan Kempf (Der Tod)
Oliver Kraushaar (Der Einbeinige)
Peter Luppa (Gott)
Tilo Nest (Ein Kabarettdirektor)
Josefin Platt (Die Elbe, Frau Kramer)
Lili Epy (Ein Mädchen)
Veit Schubert (Ein Oberst)
Kathrin Wehlisch (Beckmann und Der Andere)
Michael Thalheimer
Olaf Altmann
Nehle Balkhausen
Bert Wrede
Rainer Casper
Amely Joana Haag