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On 4 June 2022, Loveparade inventor and cult DJ Dr. Motte invites you to a birthday party in the Arena in the Gardens of the World. With the "Dr. Motte's Birthday Celebration 2X30" he will celebrate an open-air rave from 1 p.m. in the middle of the unique scenery of the Gardens of the World. With an international line-up the park will be transformed for a day into a techno magic garden surrounded

Dr. Motte
Dr. Motte © Petrov Ahner

Dr. Motte - father of the technoparades

Dr. Motte gained national and international fame as DJ and inventor of the dance demo Loveparade. Hardly any other person has shaped and changed the electronic music scene as decisively as he has. He is fantastic and visionary, ambassador of electronic music worldwide. His sound is sophisticated, energetic and complex. Exciting acid and stirring grooves he combines with driving techno and takes his audience on an exciting trip through his techno cosmos

"Whoever understands music as a social responsibility of a culture is and remains progressive." - Dr. Motte -  

In January 2020, he and four comrades-in-arms launched the non-profit organization Rave The Planet, dedicated to the spirit and culture of electronic dance music. It stands for the love of music and the fun in life, but at the same time for international understanding, diversity, openness and respect. The aim of Rave The Planet is to preserve, maintain, protect, promote and develop the art and culture of electronic dance music in all its forms. It demands the inclusion of electronic dance music culture in the UNESCO list and wants to bring back the parade and its original spirit, with a new overall concept and above all financially independent. A special fundraising model has been developed for this purpose: fundraising.  

The name is the program at DJ Rush. Fast-paced beats and hypnotic vocals make up the unique sound of this Chicago DJ, producer and entertainer. Artist Kittin has long since put the "Miss" in front of her name. With her singles 1982 and Frank Sinatra, she created anthems for the underground electroclash scene, cementing the foundation for her rise to the international techno olympics early on. The Portuguese Industrialyzer has made Amsterdam his adopted home. His musical style can be described in one word: uncompromising. He knows what he wants, and everyone dances to his beat. The London-based artist Saytek only releases his productions on headliner record labels. Above all Awesome Soundwave, the new live label of DJ legend Carl Cox. He has already performed live at Dr. Motte's birthday party at Suicide Club Berlin in 2019. There his current release Live from Dr. Motte's Birthday, Berlin was recorded.

Tickets for "Dr. Motte's Birthday Celebration 2X30" can be purchased in advance at the box offices of the Gardens of the World, at theatre box offices and other selected advance booking offices as well as online at the ticket shop of Grün Berlin.

If you arrive by cable car, your trip to new spheres will already start at the U5 station Kienbergarten/Gärten der Welt.  

There is no access for children under 16 years of age.

The annual ticket must be presented on the day of the event together with the admission ticket. The concert ticket is valid on the day of the event as an admission ticket to the Gardens of the World.  


Main entrance Blumberger Damm: Bus X69, stop Blumenberger Damm/Gärten der Welt

entrance Eisenacher Straße: S7 station Marzahn / bus 195, U5 station Hellersdorf / bus 195 stop Eisenacher Str. / Gärten der Welt

Valley bridge and south entrance: automated entrances

Cable car: U5 stop Kienberg/Gärten der Welt   Admission Gardens of the World: 9:00 am

Admission open air area: 11:00 a.m. Start open air: 13:00 hrs  

The concert is an event of Grün Berlin Service GmbH.

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