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Mark has been both a guest and a trainer for the FBI at the Body Farm, a University of Tennessee compound where corpses systematically rot. He tells what it's really like there - very different, of course, but much better than in the movies.

Krabbelnder Käfer auf dem Boden
Krabbelnder Käfer auf dem Boden © tanja dickert,

Criminal biologist DR. MARK BENECKE devotes himself in a bizarre to sometimes disgusting way to exciting questions that sometimes you would rather not have answered: Why, for example, are the fingernails of the bloated male corpse so long and what kind of maggot crawls out of the corner of its mouth at the same time? Thus, it is not death that is BENECKES job, but life after death. If the maggots expose the murderer, he has done everything right....

With regard to all appointments with Dr. Mark Benecke, please note that late entry is only possible towards the break and that there is also an age restriction (admission only from 16 years).

(Program in German)

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