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Mister "American Pie" is back! The lyrics to Don McLean's immortal uber-hit "American Pie" read ".... bye-bye, Miss American Pie ..." But now it's "... hi hi, Mister American Pie ...!" The creator of perhaps this greatest popular music evergreen is back.

Don McLean
Don McLean © Concertbüro Zahlmann GmbH

The hit celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and McLean is finally coming back to Germany & Austria for five shows.

As tragic as the occasion of the song "American Pie" is with the way too early death of rock'n'roll hopeful Buddy Holly, as great and legendary is the number. And "American Pie" still goes to the heart today when creator Don McLean plays the classic at his concerts. Still, it's worth remembering that the 76-year-old composer has written and sung numerous other melodic and harmonic successes in his decade-long career with "Vincent (Starry Starry Night)," "Castles in the Air," "And I Love You So" and "Crying," all of which are available to hear and revel in along with newer tunes on the upcoming tour. And he never tires of writing new songs and new stories.

In 2018, the sound senior released "Botanical Gardens," his 19th studio album, which received effusive reviews. Songs from it subsequently proved themselves live and will certainly find their way into the setlist in Germany next year, alongside "American Pie" and all the other feats from this decade-spanning and unparalleled composition and performance career.

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