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Künstler:innen im Porträt

Screening of the documentary film "Gleis 11" (2021) followed by an artist talk.

Premiere des Films „Gleis 11“
Premiere des Films „Gleis 11“ Cocktailfilms

Gleis 11
"A tribute to a generation that is part of German history, was never in the front row - and will leave us very soon." Çağdas Eren YükselDirector Çağdaş Eren Yüksel takes us on a search for his grandfather and a journey through the Republic - and time - in "Gleis 11." Untold stories of a generation that has long been a part of Germany and has helped write German history.

A portrait from six perspectives about the first years in a new homeland, about loneliness, hopes, dreams and fears. Çağdaş wanted to get to know his grandfather - and met an entire generation.

The event is free of charge. Online registration recommended. The exhibition will be open until 7 p.m. that day. From 5 p.m., admission is free.

Çağdas Eren Yüksel | director
Çağdaş Eren Yüksel, born in 1994 in Mönchengladbach, is a film director, film producer and winner of the German government's Culture and Creative Industries Award. He studied social sciences and economics at the University of Cologne and began producing films during his studies as part of volunteer projects. After graduation, he founded a capital company to market his films. Since 2020, Yüksel has been developing his first fictional series together with authors from the Academy of Media Arts with funding from the Film and Media Foundation NRW. With "Asyland," the young director released his documentary debut in 2015. The film accompanies refugees in their everyday lives and documents their thoughts, feelings, motivations and fears from their own perspective. In 2021, Yüksel released his second documentary "Gleis 11," which portrays the first generation of immigrants and celebrated its premiere at the Lichtburg in Essen. With "Gleis 11," Yüksel gives a voice to people who have so far hardly been heard, if at all. With his production company Cocktailfilms, he produces various socio-political formats, including "RendezWho" commissioned by 1LIVE with Hubertus Koch.

Luise Sammann | Moderator
Luise Sammann is a Berlin-based author and radio journalist specializing in immigration issues. In her work, but also as a resident of Neukölln, she is in constant exchange with the so-called German-Turkish community of the capital. In her contributions (especially for Deutschlandfunk), she reports as cliché-free as possible about their diversity and tries to get as close as possible to the people and their stories and also to give a voice to those who are too rarely heard in Germany. After studying in Berlin and Damascus, Luise Sammann lived and worked as a journalist in Istanbul for almost ten years.

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Meeting point: Auditorium Lansstraße 8

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