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by Ana Pi / Guest performance from France

"Cette danse est dédiée à la beauté révolutionnaire du peuple Haïtien, du passé, du futur et du présent." Ana Pi - For her new work The Divine Cypher, choreographer and dance researcher Ana Pi undertook a poetic-political research in Haiti: at the center of her interest are ancestral ritual gestures and their "perpetuation" in today's imaginary.

The Divine Cypher
The Divine Cypher Ballhaus Naunynstraße / Foto: Daniel Nicoalevsky Maria

The encounter with contemporary artists, learning from them, was just as important to Ana Pi as the imaginary dialogue with the choreographer and anthropologist Katherine Dunham and her collaborator and later avant-garde filmmaker Maya Deren. The latter had traveled Haiti in the 1940s and 1950s, ten years after Katherine Dunham - following in her footsteps, in a sense - and equipped with her understanding of dance, and captured Haitian culture, dance and voodoo heritage on film.

Ana Pi draws on the gestures captured on film, weaving archive and artistic design, images of the past and the future into a structure of fragile balance. The Divine Cypher circulates between image and dance, between journey and fiction, following an interest: How do sacred dances survive to this day? What resonance do they have? What role do video games play in the transmission of these practices? How can this code of fantastical gestures be expanded for the future?

Ana Pi was last seen as a performer alongside Dessa Ganda, Tanisha Vicky Germain, TRVNI in Beunruhigung 1, the opening performance of the International Performance Festival Permanente Beunruhigung in Fall 2018 at Ballhaus Naunynstraße. The Divine Cypher premiered in Paris in November 2021 and is now presented in Germany for the first time.

With: Choreographic and scenographic conception, video, research and interpretation: Ana Pi; Technical direction: Jean-Marc Ségalen; Production manager: Louis Eonnet.

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Ballhaus Naunynstraße
Ballhaus Naunynstraße