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Michael Stevenson

Disproof Does Not Equal Disbelief, an exhibition by Berlin-based artist Michael Stevenson, presents an unconventional retrospective of Stevenson's artistic practice over the past 35 years.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
KW Institute for Contemporary Art © KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Foto: Fette Sans

Since the 1980s, Stevenson has developed an artistic language that operates at the intersection of economics, technology, education, and faith, exploring the infrastructural systems that condition these disciplines and how they intertwine.

Stevenson's first institutional solo presentation in Berlin offers a focused re-examination of his work, placing early paintings in dialogue with recent expansive installations.

Fragmentation becomes the standard mode of representation for older groups of works in the style of industrial boneyards. The exhibition is navigated through the analogy of a large fish or digestive tract of a whale. The architecture thus becomes an anatomy, and with it the contents within, on the floor, on the wall, studies of its entrails. With his exhibition, the artist provides, as it were, insights from the belly of a whale into the origins of our constructed world, to raise our awareness that a refutation of rational theories does not automatically and irrevocably equate to disbelief.

Disproof Does Not Equal Disbelief is presented in collaboration with Kunstinstituut Melly (Formerly known as Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art) in Rotterdam, where an earlier version of the exhibition was shown from September 20, 2020 to February 14, 2021.
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