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Kitchen director Philipp Ketzer showcases products from the Grand Hyatt bee colonies

Even in early Egypt, honey was viewed as a gift from the gods. In the Old Testament, the promised Canaan is described as the land flowing with milk and honey. According to legend, Zeus owes his strength to the honey that the nymphs fed him as a baby. Even today, the "golden juice" plays an important role in the kitchen and is used in almost all culinary areas, from rural areas to fine cuisine.

On October 27, 2023, kitchen director Philipp Ketzer will dedicate an entire evening to honey in the Tizian Restaurant and present a menu specially created for this occasion.

The aromatic star of the dinner is won on the roof of the Grand Hyatt, where there are currently ten bee colonies that are looked after by beekeeper Jan Pose. Since 2015, this expert has been showing that beekeeping can be carried out sustainably in the middle of the big city. The bees find their nectar in the nearby zoo, making the product highly regional.

Philipp Ketzer explains: "The menu offers an unforgettable pleasure with the diverse flavor nuances of honey. We would also like to emphasize the ecological and economic importance of bees."

The menu begins with boiled veal steak, accompanied by roasted cauliflower, fresh eggs from the farm, meadow herbs and of course honey. Next comes a lemon sorbet with honey mead espuma. There is also char fried on the skin with pointed cabbage and fine honey cucumbers. To top it all off, labneh is served with a honey-apple sorbet, pecan crumble and tarragon stock.

The menu includes wine accompaniment, soft drinks and coffee or tea.