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Special exhibition

Food is a necessity. But eating is also a pleasurable experience - for the sense of taste and smell, for the sense of touch and also for the eye. Cooking as a cultural practice has accompanied humanity since its beginnings and is firmly anchored in our culture in the form of traditions and rites, recipes and special forms of presentation as well as special tools and utensils.

Computerspielemuseum © Hans-Martin Fleischer/CSM

Thus, food has not only been depicted as an element in art since time immemorial, but the preparation of a meal can also be understood as an artistic process. With the advent of the modern mass media, the representations of food that surround us every day have also changed completely.

Cooking shows, food blogs and food trends on the one hand and social media like Instagram (#foodporn) on the other hand overload us with food views - in a double sense. Computer games also take up the topic of food in many different ways. Fruits, burgers and sweets not only serve as appetizing design elements in skill games, puzzle games and art games, but in many games food also serves to replenish our life energy.

Kitchens can be found as the setting in various game genres, from platform games to adventure games to action titles and cooking simulations let players* experiment wildly with ingredients. Business and management simulations, on the other hand, make it possible to build your own restaurant. In terms of game mechanics, too, games process the necessity of food as an element of suspense, for example by having to save the game character from starving to death in a barren environment.

The representation of food and its preparation in computer games is as diverse as the medium itself.

The interactive exhibition DIE DIGITALE KÜCHE - MIT ESSEN SPIELT MAN (NICHT) approaches the topic and invites its visitors* to a journey into the world of virtual delicacies.

  • PRODUCTION, CURATION, GRAPHICS, EDITORS, LOANS: Mascha Tobe & Philipp Frei [we love old games]
  • VIDEOPRODUCTION: Margarita Filipenko
  • SCENOGRAPHY: Mascha Tobe, Philipp Frei, Margarita Filipenko, K.-Peter Gerstenberger
  • PROJECTASSISTENCE: Malina Riedl, Robert Lang
  • TECHNOLOGY, EXHIBITION CONSTRUCTION: Matthias Oborski, Tobias Hermann, Martin Wagner
A special exhibition of the Computerspielemuseum
Idea and production: we love old games.

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