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One of the favorite guests at ZigZag is the internationally renowned and multi-award winning Diego Pinera. After a long break they are proud to welcome him back and once again Diego has put together a fantastic formation as part of his "ODD WISDOM" project. This concert will surely be an absolute gem like every performance of Diego's!


Diego Pinera, award-winning jazz virtuoso, is a unique personality who truly breaks new ground for music by juxtaposing the poetic-rhythmic freedom of jazz with other metric systems. His strong character personal style is characterized by an advanced rhythmic concept of playing, a jazz sound with a Latin touch as well as the freedom urge of improvisation. However, musical complexity as well as virtuosity always remain subtle with Pinera, a special freshness and lightness flows through his artistic work. Since 2002, Diego Piñera has received several awards both as a drummer "instrumentalist" and as a songwriter, both internationally and nationally, with the ECHO JAZZ 2017 and the German Jazz Award 2023.

The album Odd Wisdom, released on ACT Records, with Donny McCaslin among others, received a Grammy nomination. He is considered an exceptional artist in his field. He is considered an exceptional artist in his field.

With his approach to rhythm rooted in the jazz tradition, Peter Ehwald uses unusual instrumentation and modern harmonic concepts to project the "here and now" in his energetic yet elegiac improvisations. Peter has worked with musicians such as Tom Rainey, Clarence Penn, Eivin Aares, Rhani Krija, Dan Weiss, Rudi Mahall, Claudio Puntin, Gunter Hampel, Nils Wogram, John Schröder, Jon Scott, Matthias Schubert, Stefan Schultze, Samuel Rohrer, Jonas Burgwinkel, Robert Landfermann. Peter is an active part of the Berlin jazz scene and busy sideman.

Guitarist and composer Igor Osypov's crisp, slightly distorted sound has made him one of the most distinctive voices in jazz as well as indie rock and fusion. One of the albums he collaborated on as part of Logan Richardson's "Blues People" project was named one of the top 3 jazz albums of 2018 by the New York Times.

As a double bass player Marcel Krömker has been touring for over 15 years - from Iceland to Morocco, from Venezuela to South Korea. After his studies in Amsterdam and Berlin, he worked with renowned producers such as Yensin Jahn and Andy Jung, among others. As a jazz double bass player, concerts with Nils Landgreen, Alex Sipiagin, Toni Lakatos, Nils Wogram, among others, were among Marcel's musical highlights. In 2020 his debut album under his own name was released.

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