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“I’d like to find myself in a truly moral conflict, faced by a question that has only two possible answers: yes or no. Like in the old days. Back then, I lived in a world marked by clear delineations. At some point, everything started to become soft. And I would really like to have a clear position, especially now. Somehow, my multi-perspective world view is always getting in my way and I end up saying maybe yet again.” Based on the teaching play “He said Yes / He said No” by Bertolt Brecht, Elisabeth Hauptmann and Kurt Weill, the author and director Alexander Eisenach is looking for a response to our increasingly incalculable present times with its overabundance of information in his play “Die Vielleichtsager” (He said Maybe).

Berliner Ensemble Außenansicht
Berliner Ensemble Außenansicht © Monika Ritterhaus

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Participating artists
Von Alexander Eisenach (Autor/in)
Malick Bauer
Sven Michelson (Live-Musik)
Alexander Eisenach
Daniel Wollenzin
Julia Wassner
Amely Joana Haag
Niklas Kraft
Sebastian Scheinig
Berliner Ensemble - Neues Haus
Berliner Ensemble - Neues Haus
Berliner Ensemble - Neues Haus