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with artist Jakob Roepke & Claudia Wasow-Kania

Eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs - everything in the right place? We can also turn the world upside down and sort everything differently. In the world of collage it is possible. The artist Jakob Roepke from our current exhibition "Schnitt" in the GalerieETAGE can tell you something about the world in his works of art and show you how collages are made.

We find the right motifs in many colorful magazines and advertising flyers, cut them out and glue them together to form new artistic creations. At the end, each child has created a small work of art and can take the finished collage home with them.

The event is an accompanying program for the "Schnitt" exhibition and takes place as part of the KGB Young program of the Berlin Municipal Galleries.

Participation is free of charge.

Registration is requested at or 030 – 90294 6460

Location: GalerieETAGE - Museum Reinickendorf, Alt-Hermsdorf 35, 13467 Berlin
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