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The Park-Klinik Weißensee and the artspring berlin Festival have teamed up again to transform the main street of the Park-Klinik Weißensee into an exhibition space.

In the multifaceted exhibition, visitors encounter works that elevate the line beyond its role in the visual arts. It appears as an independent tool that conveys humor and irony with ease. The selected works encompass a range of media and techniques, ranging from subtle pencil drawings on paper to vibrant digital prints.

With their work, the artists explore the limits of the concept, transform everyday symbols and signs into new forms and thus make you think about the complexity behind the supposedly simple lines. With every drawing, every print and every photographic work, the line becomes a narrator - sometimes humorous, sometimes thoughtful.

The exhibition becomes a playground in which a forbidden fruit finds its place as well as a fruit that has been forgotten
Bicycle or a series of familiar but reinterpreted objects. Visitors can look forward to an inspiring mix of color, shape and, above all, lines. Each work of art invites you to question your own perception of lines and recognize how this simple form can be used in a humorous way
is brought to life.

Curator: Jürgen Köhler

The exhibition “The Comic Line” takes place as part of the Pankow art festival artspring berlin (May 3rd – June 2nd, 2024).
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