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THEATER MIRAKULUM shows for children, schools and families:"The Little Big Caterpillar" A puppet musical by Thomas Mierau and Edda Walström based on motifs by Eric Carle.

Die kleine dicke Raupe Nimmersatt
Die kleine dicke Raupe Nimmersatt © Thomas Mierau

On a summer's day, an egg lies on the meadow and a small caterpillar with green fuzzy hair comes out.  She is curious to get to know the world. She has to try a lot of things. When she eats too much candy, she gets sick. The eagle owl and all the animals of the forest help her to recover and grow. She builds her own house - a cocoon - and in it she can rest and dream of the many adventures... And her dream comes true: She wakes up as a beautiful butterfly. She cheerfully invites all animals to celebrate with her. A colourful piece with many songs and music about growing up and healthy nutrition.

The match days are Fri/Sat/Sun. The time is agreed individually.

Technique: Colour scheme puppet show, authors: Thomas Mierau and Edda Walström, staging, stage and puppet technology, actors: Thomas Mierau; stage music and songs: folklore and own compositions; adaptation: Studio MIRAKULUM, production THEATER MIRAKULUM, duration: approx. 40 min, Target group: Kitas, families, schools; age recommendation: from 3 to 12 years (for schools with guided tours and behind-the-scenes view)

Programme in German