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Performative concert by HERR HAMSTERFLEISCH

The Witch: Disobedient, satanic, unattractive. Systematically tracked and burned. The punk band Herr Hamsterfleisch sings a 60-minute-long ode to women who are escaping the patriarchy and headbanging themselves into a rage! Mr. Hamsterfleisch consists of members of the musical theater collective CLUB GEWALT.

60 minutes without a break
Additional information
Participating artists
Herr Hamsterfleisch (Konzept und Musik)
Esmée Kulik (Kostüme)
Loulou Hameleers (Performance)
Robbert Klein (Performance)
Amir Vahidi (Performance)
Rowan de Vos (Performance)
Anne van de Wetering (Performance)