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M: To start with, the beginning is the anticlimax. That’s what I like about these dramaturgies. To start like this, downhill all the way. That we are not sent on a journey through to the end of the disaster, but hit rock bottom straight upon arrival.

Szene aus Die Gewehre der Frau Kathrin Angerer
Szene aus Die Gewehre der Frau Kathrin Angerer © Luna Zscharnt

T: Where the big schemes and concepts of life are ruined, turned out a total failure. Picking you up where you are right from the start…when everything’s screwed up, chances are that things are getting that bit smarter around here. And more fun. They yearn for mending themselves, these guys. And „How beautiful this was, dude – wasn’t it?“, they think thinking of past loves and stories, and that’s the instant anticlimax. The low-point when you’ll be heading off with Jesus on a thieving spree in the church.

M: After all these ancient rituals and cults and stuff, the theatre’s new achievement was the fact that no one had to be offered up as sacrifice anymore. You got the actors on stage, but they won’t get sacrificed. And that causes great frustration among the audience. They appear on the stage, and in the end everyone is just so dissatisfied because they cannot be sacrificed. That’s a real problem since the audience cannot think of anything else for the whole time. Down to the present day they’ve been deploring the fact that those up there cannot be sacrificed any longer.

T: I think we should make a dance movie after all.

M: Well, yeah…I hope there will be a few slots left for my texts and lines, though.

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Participating artists
René Pollesch (Text und Regie)
René Pollesch (Autor/in)
Kathrin Angerer (mit)
Benny Claessens (mit)
Josefin Fischer (mit)
Lilith Krause (mit)
Rosa Lembeck (mit)
Marie Rosa Tietjen (mit)
Martin Wuttke (mit)
Lilia Bassenge (Tanz & Choreographie)
Luna Caric (Tanz & Choreographie)
Mira Campo Jastrzebski (Tanz & Choreographie)
Greta Geyer (Tanz & Choreographie)
Eleni Murkudis (Tanz & Choreographie)
Bruna Schneider (Tanz & Choreographie)
Anna Marlene Steinberg (Tanz & Choreographie)
Juna Wendisch (Tanz & Choreographie)
Ida Aga Zinnen (Tanz & Choreographie)
Carlotta Geßler (Tanz & Choreographie)
Marlene Blumert (Musik)
Nina von Mechow (Bühne)
Tabea Braun (Kostüme)
Jan Speckenbach (Musik)
Kevin Sock (Licht)
Johanna Kobusch (Dramaturgie)
Tobias Gringel (Ton)
Volksbühne - Großes Haus
Volksbühne - Großes Haus