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When will it be over with humanity?

Volksbühne © visitBerlin, Foto Max Threlfall

Anaïs Urban and Leonie Jenning do not have an answer, and they actually think it doesn’t make any difference. The affluenza-neglected moderators of the Bonusmaterial series are on their way to Buenos Aires to begin a new life. Including a tiny house under Argentina’s sun.

“We felt we had to pull the rip cord and shed old ballast. To make way for something new.” – Leonie Jenning

“After having done away with self-analysis, we felt the need to reinvent ourselves in a minimalist fashion!” –  Anaïs Urban

So, what now?

The next generation has to fix it, likely as not.

The moderators beat a retreat to make room for those who really know what they’re doing!

Be sure to turn up in large numbers!

There’s no telling when it will be the last time.

(Program in German)
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