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About Barbie and world wear, about love and dinosaurs. The everyday struggle with being a human being and the sweet, melancholic feeling of not being able to escape it. Like so many before us, we will not be able to become anything other than human. But the guilty party has finally been found and will be held accountable.

In this collective work, which emerged from the biographical content of the actors, Stageattack tries to find a way to deal with the crises of the present and the endless longing for a future. An authentic attempt to ask the questions to which you no longer expect answers. The collective explores the desire for closeness and emotionality in a world dominated by technocratic striving for order.

A play developed by Stageattack Film- & Theater e.V. premiered in the ACUD Theater Berlin.
Additional information
Participating artists
Luisa Buczynski
Greta Kemper
Flora Gräf
Lea Grenzel
Liona Shelest
Oscar Pfeil
Louisa Frye
Luca Carboni
Rosa Enkelmann
Christopher Kath